Q.: What's TubeSurf?

A.: TubeSurf is a video search tool that lets you search YouTube, MySpace Videos, Google Video and Yahoo! Video at once from a single location.

Q.: How does TubeSurf work?

A.: TubeSurf's search results are powered by Google.

Q.: Why Google?

A.: Because it's still the best search engine out there.

Q.: OK. What if I wanted to search with Google itself, instead of using TubeSurf?

A.: You're welcome.

Q.: And how do I do that?

A.: Go to Google and type the following query in the search box: your_query OR OR OR

Q.: Thanks. But why should I use TubeSurf, then?

A.: To save time and keystrokes: instead of typing mile-long queries with advanced search operators, just type a few words in the search box and hit the blue button, and TubeSurf will do the rest for you.

Q.: That's neat. How do you do that?

A.: With JavaScript, and a few lines of PHP.

Q.: What does the "Beta!" sticker on TubeSurf's home page mean?

A.: We guess the "Beta!" sticker means that TubeSurf is a "web-two-dot-oh" kind of thingy.

Q.: Do you really think this thing is "web 2.0"?

A.: Uhm, no. Not really.

Q.: Do you think TubeSurf is useful?

A.: We believe so.

Q.: What's your business model?

A.: We hope to get a few bucks from showing Google's ads on search results pages.

Q.: What's you privacy policy?

A.: We do not store user queries; however, this sites uses Google Analytics and Google AdSense for Search, so you might want to check out Google's privacy policy.

Q.: What about the legal yada yada?

A.: YouTube is a registered trademark of YouTube Google, Inc.; MySpace is a registered trademark of News Corp.; Google is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.; Yahoo! is a registered trademark of Yahoo!, Inc.

Q.: Care to say anything else?

A.: Yes. We love feedback, so feel free to send us your comments at And if you like TubeSurf, please spread the word.

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